The Management Team 


Sam Sebire

Managing Partner at Bandgap.

Samuel worked on designing a new generation of electroluminescent inverter technology and characterising electroluminescent coatings and their degradation over time, for 3 years as an Electronics Engineer at Darkside Scientific UK. He brings to Bandgap Ltd, extensive experience with incorporating electroluminescent coatings onto real products, solving problems with application techology, connection methods and can provide complete electronics solutions to manufacturers. Samuel has been fortunate enough over the past few years to have Andy Love, an experienced businessman as his mentor.

Prior to working with EL materials, Samuel worked in the fields of domestic renewable energy systems and networking, including properties which could go fully off-grid in remote areas. He created intelligent systems to control large, multiple heatpump installations often with photovoltaics, providing customers with simple user interfaces that they could access from a mobile or desktop. Samuel also architected and installed complex LAN/WLAN networks to provide internet coverage to large domestic properties where a hybrid of technologies was needed due to distances and structure materials.

Samuel studied Electronics & Electrical Engineering at Brunel University London and prior to that was awarded the BTEC National Engineering Student of the Year 2014, for his BTEC Extended National Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering. He was also awarded with the Dorothy Martin Award from CIGPE, the Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers and in addition, received a Bursary from the Guernsey Branch of the Institute of Directors (IoD).


Andy Love

Managing Partner at Bandgap

Andy brings 40 years of business experience and a lifetime of science knowledge to Bandgap Ltd, a new electronics company with a focus on developing new technologies and solutions for the growing LEC (light emitting coatings) market.

Andy has acquired substantial knowledge and understanding of the science of electroluminescence, associated electronics and electronic materials during his four years as a founding partner and Managing Director of Darkside Scientific UK.

He has undertaken a great deal of research during that period to understand the nature of electroluminescent materials and the relationships that exist between the variables that are involved. He is involved with the design of electrical connectors, LEC enabling technologies for manufacturers and the development of both light transmitting and light blocking paints and coatings. Andy is able to draw upon extensive commercial business experience that complements the extensive electronic experience of his business partner Samuel Sebire, a young and talented electronics engineer.

Prior to working with Electroluminescent Coatings, Andy built from the ground up and ran a highly successful marine insurance business in the Middle East, but Andy's lifelong passion for science meant that on returning to the UK, he set out to investigate innovative new technologies and thankfully he found electroluminescent coatings.