Bandgap Products

Here you can find information on some of our products, such as electronics, connectors, coatings and other specialist materials. We sell a range of these products on our webshop, so don't forget to check that out. If you have any specific questions you'd like to ask us, please get in touch.



We have developed, over 3 years, a new generation of Electroluminescent Inverter, which is 10x smaller and many times more functional, than any EL inverter technology on the market. Our programmable inverter technology is based on an entirely new architecture for driving EL and we are excited to announce that we're only a few months away from having our first inverter, the 20W output PHOTON 200 inverter, on the shelves. We've already begun taking pre-orders for this inverter, so if you would like to be one of the first to try this new technology, you can pre-order the PHOTON 200 over on our webshop.


Electronic and EL Coatings and Materials

Bandgap have extensive experience with electronic materials and Electroluminescent coatings and materials in particular. We source and test the best off-the-shelf materials, develop materials in-house and also work collaboratively with specialist materials companies to develop world-class conductive coatings, dielectric coatings and more. We are currently working on a number of new coatings and tapes and hope to have these on our website and for sale on our webshop soon.


Wire-Wire Connectors

Take a look at our range of wire-wire connectors for use with Electroluminescent Coatings, Panels, Wire & Tape. These connectors also have general electronics use as compact wire-wire connectors. We source and develop connectors in partnership manufacturers and buy in bulk to get the best products at the best price. Take advantage of our buying power and save yourself the time and money involved in sourcing off-the-shelf connectors, where distributors or manufacturers will have MOQs (minimum order quantities) often in the thousands and shipping costs which are prohibitive or costly if only placing small orders. We also develop and customise connectors ourselves directly in partnership with connector manufacturers, so much of what you see on our site is not available anywhere else. We use these connectors ourselves and test thoroughly for use on our own projects. We only sell products we've tested ourselves and know to work well.


Wire-Surface Connectors

One of our specialities is in coming up with solutions for connecting wires to surfaces and in particular to conductive paint coatings. Our wire-surface connectors range from professionally overmolded and water-resistant, to small, low-cost dust-proof options. More connection methods are being developed all the time and some are not yet on the website. If you have an application requiring wire-surface connectors, get in touch as we will likely be able to assist you, even if it means designing a custom connector.