Bandgap Services



As industry experts in electroluminescence, Bandgap offer a variety of services surrounding EL technologies and posess a unique skillset in this field. An overview of the services Bandgap provide to the EL (including EL coatings) market include:


Inverter & Electronics Design

The biggest focus of bandgap is in developing next-generation EL inverters which we are certain will revolutionise the way EL materials are driven and controlled. Whether they are EL panels, wire, tape or paint, these new electronics can power them efficiently and with electronics up to 10x smaller due to substantially increased power density. With our unique patent pending EL inverter architecture, Bandgap can design custom EL inverters for your application from scratch, or as a modification or feature addition to an off-the-shelf model. Bandgap can also design and manufacture other electronics you may require, from low-volume all the way up to mass manufacture (consumer electronics etc.).


Custom Connector Solutions

Bandgap have already put into production two custom connector designs for use with EL materials, one surface-wire connector and one wire-wire connector. The self-adhesive surface-wire connector is now gaining popularity by EL paint applicators and in the EMI shielding industry as a reliable and safe, water-resistant connection method. The wire-wire connector is soon to be released amidst much excitement. Bandgap are also going to be releasing a low cost surface--wire connector very soon and continue to intend to be able to offer a wide selection of connection methods in the future.


Prototype and
Low-Volume EL                   Paint Application

Whilst we do not primarily see ourselves as an EL paint applicator, for prototype, special projects and small volume work we have the capabilities to apply EL paint for your projects. Through one of our partners, we can also oversee higher volume hand spray-application and provide the electronics and connector solutions to go with it.


Mass-Application Expertise

Combining our knowledge of electroluminescent paint and its application, the extensive performance and lifetime data we hold and can provide, our ability to design bespoke electronics for use with electroluminescent paint and experience with developing custom connectors and more, we offer manufacturers the complete solutions to mass applying electroluminescent coatings onto their products.


Vinyl Masking Solutions

With extensive experience in this area, Bandgap can design and provide custom vinyl masking solutions for decals, blockouts, backplane and bus bar layouts and more. We have worked on countless projects with EL paint applicators, including creating vector graphics from scratch or modifying existing graphics, converting these graphics to manufacturable vinyl designs, creating EL paint layouts and the accompanying vinyl masking designs, all the way through to cutting out these designs on our industry standard vinyl plotter, we can assist you with any of your vinyl and design requirements. For references from other EL paint applicators, please contact us.


Everything Else

Whether you are an individual, EL paint applicator, manufacturer or someone else, interested in an electroluminescent application or already have some experience with EL materials, we are confident that you will benefit from having a discussion about your project with us. We will be happy to give some limited free advice or direction to you, so you need not be concerned that we'll be sending you an invoice just for inquiring, we're not lawyers! Unlike many companies which specialise in EL (generally manufacturers or retailers of EL panels, wire, tape etc.) we do not sell these products, but instead are here to provide solutions to everything else which is needed when using EL materials.